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Our Specialisation

We dedicate our time and consideration to sit down with each individual client and thoroughly assess the structure of your financial position through intensive research and analysis of your scenario. Our philosophy is to provide you with a personalised level of service from the introduction of the initial consultation, up until the point of finalising your settlement and as a continuing client for life. The majority of our past clients have approached us in severe financial distress having been rejected by several lending institutions not knowing what direction to turn to, and various have been just days away from a mortgagee in possession. We think outside the square and ‘we don’t give excuses, we get results’.
We will act on your behalf as a dedicated professional negotiator and deal directly with your creditors towards a resolution through intensive delicate negotiations via our personalised service program, and endeavour to keep you fully informed throughout the entire process. Once a resolution with your creditor has been concluded, a team member will advance you to stage two of the structure of your finances; which will be to advise you on how to maximise your return on capital via AVCO’s investment management fund and design a wealth creation plan offering you the pathway to success and your financial freedom. The fund has been rated as one of the top ‘return on investments’ in the country returning a consistent 1.5% on investor capital per month consecutively.
"Our past is a rich source of inspiration. While many of our traditions have stood the test of time, we are always looking for new ways to meet the challenges of tomorrow."